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Initially Amir makes some mistakes when not showing empathy by not realizing how truly his life was before Amir arrived, yet he recovers and learns. When bringing Sohrab to America Amir realizes how to show empathy for Sohrab by respecting him and defending him while he makes a tough transition. In the end Sohrab finally begins to bond with Amir showing him that he recognizes his empathy and respect for him. This shows how having empathy for someone is another form of respecting someone and for a relationship to thrive there needs to be mutual respect.

He demonstrates this through the troubled relationship between Baba and Amir in contrast to thepositive and caring relationship between Baba and Hassan. In the end, the father son relationships in The Kite Runner show that an an empathetic fatherly figure is necessary in properly raising and developing a relationship with a son.

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We understand the difference between a professor that captivates us, leaving the ticking clock behind and instead drawing us in until we stare into. Amir and his father Baba, were very different from one another. Their biggest difference were the types of hobbies they immersed themselves in.

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Amir enjoyed reading and writing, meanwhile Baba was more affiliated with fighting, kite running, building, etc. Amir once said "Most days I worshipped Baba with an intensity approaching the religious.

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But right then, I wished I could open my veins and drain his cursed. Amir And Hassan. But his entire life, he felt ashamed of what he did to Hassan. On the other hand, Hassan showed his love for Amir openly as a good friend from the beginning to the end. He never lost an opportunity to sacrifice his life for Amir. Amir showed his. The Relationship Between Father And Son words - 5 pages The relationship between a father and a son prepares a boy for adulthood.

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He proves the way Baba. Hassan, and Amir act as fathers and form relationships throughout the novel. Attention is a big factor when it comes to father and son relationships. In the novel The Kite Runner, he portrays these through the unreachable relationship of Amir and Baba. In the book The Kite Runner, there are three main allusions show Hassan's unfair life in this family and aggressiveness from Amir.

Then he left and brought his trophy, a blue kite, which can prove that he was a hero of Kite Competition. After that, his relationship with Baba was never like before. Hassan is same as the character Sohrab, does not know that his real father is Rostam, "Baba. The Kite Runner explores this theme through its use of imagery, characterization and irony much like Atonement. The Kite Runner and Atonement both use irony to emphasise the theme of guilt through the eyes of their protagonists.

The Kite Runner shows Amir seeking the constant attention of his father and through that he attempts to show off some of his skill by presenting the winning kite to his dad.

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The struggle of being a successful father is constantly exhibited in Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner. Baba accurately exemplifies this constant struggle with his son Amir, which in times strengthens their relationship. In The Kite Runner, Afghanistan is portrayed as a poor country in the middle of a power struggle, after a Soviet invasion.

Amir goes back to his homeland, Afghanistan, to rescue Hassan's son Sohrab from war-ravaged Kabul, a place so devastated even he, who was born and raised in Afghanistan, could not recognize. It is evident in The Kite Runner that a The "Kite Runner," by Khaled Hosseini narrates the story of a unique friendship between two young boys named Amir and Hassan. Hassan is the son of Amir and Baba's servant. Their relationship breaks apart during a kite-flying contest when Amir betrays Hassan and does nothing to help him from getting raped.

Setting out as his main outcome, the rescue of the "Sohrab" the son of his now deceased childhood friend Hassan.

Amir is more concerned with bringing the blue kite back to his father rather than saving Hassan. In his novel "The Kite Runner," Khaled Hosseini uses literary devices such as diction, imagery, and tone to reveal Amir's past and show how it characterizes his future.