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He dreamed of becoming P. Yo Seob taught him to dance afterwards. There are many countries of the world that exist solely for the purpose of living. The people of these countries , cities, and towns may not know the treasures that their beautiful land has to offer. A magnificent example of such a country is Italy. The country of Italy is situated in Europe and attached in the north to the European mainland..

Which Country Would I Love to Visit?

Italy has much to offer the common tourist. One of the places where I would like to visit is Hollywood. I always wanted to see how the films are made, meet famous actors and actresses and just have a good time. Hollywood is famous for making films there. I like to watch movies and I spend a great amount of my free time watching new and also old films, especially the Hollywood films.

While watching the films I like , I always want to know how the director managed to made such wonderful and awesome films, what technologies he or she used, and how the actors performed dangerous stunts.

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Hollywood seems to be the best place to satisfy my interests in making films. Many famous American actors and actresses have houses in Hollywood. Therefore if I visit this place I will probably have an opportunity to meet them take autographs and even have a talk with them asking them questions. Thus, visiting Los Angeles I will have numerous opportunities of meeting famous figures in cinema industry. Moreover, Los Angeles, where Hollywood is one of the beautiful places in the world. It has a lot of beaches and as it is always hot there, you Sadeiki 9th grade.

It kept me thinking and well I decided to travel. I believe traveling will make me a better person and give me different perspectives of people around the world.

I made my bucket list and the three countries I would love to visit the most would be Mexico, The Bahamas, and Brazil. Mexico was the place where I was born and I only got to live there for three years.

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This is because of the exciting stories I heard from my friends. From the stories, I heard that London accommodated the best museums, and other historical places. I planned and decided to take the trip before the first year of my college.

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  5. Before traveling, I bought the travel card via online. I ensured I had paid for my return ticket. Being that this happened in and the company was still able to overcome this crisis and recreate its brand is outstanding.

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    I would think it would be even harder to fix a crisis for a company. Southern state of Karnataka, Bangalore is Asia's fastest growing cosmopolitan city. The city today is getting popular though for a very many reasons and variety of Beans-JavaBeans. The garden city is home to some of the growing high tech industries in India.

    It has become the 'byte-basket' of India and home to some of India's premier scientific establishments. The city also offers music, dance. My first time in London I think that the most exacting trip that I have ever made was the one when I went to London England. I was on summer vacation in Thailand at the time and was supposed to be returning home to the Dominican Republic; however, I had a better idea, I was going to England instead. Hello, Caron!

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    As you know, London is divided into 32 boroughs and the City. From another hand it is divided into 4. The rich culture of the misty island has even resulted in a number of listings in the World Heritage Program.