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Curtin University Tabor, P. An investigation of instruction in two-digit addition and subtraction using a classroom teaching experiment methodology, design research, and multilevel modeling. Southern Cross University Wernert, N. Assessing the measurement invariance of a school climate scale across countries: Implications for the construct. University of Melbourne Widjaja, W. Local instruction theory on decimals: The case of Indonesian pre-service teachers. University of Melbourne Woo, K. Mathematics teachers' perspectives on the use, impact and possible future directions of information technology in the teaching of mathematics in Hong Kong secondary schools.

A study of the perceptions of interpersonal behaviour of mathematics teachers in Singapore.


Curtin University Aminifar, E. Technology and the improvement of mathematics education at the tertiary level.

University of Wollongong Bethune, N. Dynamic assessment of children's rational number competence. University of Melbourne Burgess, T. Investigating the nature of teacher knowledge needed and used in teaching statistics. Massey University Devi, R. Singapore secondary school students' conceptions and misconceptions of algebraic equation solving. Edith Cowan University Finnane M. The role of fluency in mathematical development: Factors associated with early learning difficulties in mathematics.

University of Queensland Farell, D. Numeracy and "language-based errors: An investigation at one schools. Monash University Forrester, P. A novice primary school teacher's attempt to teach mathematics for understanding: A self-study. University of Western Sydney Gabler, C.

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Sustained, job-embedded professional development and the learning environment of middle-level mathematics classrooms. Curtin University Hedderwick, H. Differences in student perceptions of teacher-student interpersonal behaviour in regional streamed secondary mathematics and science classes. Curtin University of Technology Hingston, P. Animated proportional Venn diagrams: A study into their description, construction and business application. Teachers developing communities of mathematical inquiry. Massey University Kensington-Miller, B.

Peer mentoring as a professional development strategy for mathematics teachers in low socio-economic secondary schools in New Zealand. University of Auckland Kotsiras, A. The effects of acceleration on students' achievement in senior secondary mathematics: A multilevel modelling approach. University of Melbourne Lawrence, A. Teaching and learning algebra word problems.

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Massey University Lee, O. Use of the ritual metaphor to describe the practice and acquisition of mathematical knowledge. Curtin University Louange, J. An examination of the relationships between teaching and learning styles, and the number sense and problem solving ability of Year 7 students. Improving numeracy: Co-constructing a whole-school numeracy plan in a secondary school.

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Area : the big cover-up. University of Western Sydney Papic, M. Mathematical patterning in early childhood: An intervention study. Macquarie University Paterson, J. University of Auckland Pavaputanon, L. Design and implementation of hypermedia learning environments that facilitate the construction of knowledge about analytical geometry. Queensland University of Technology Rawlins, P. Students' perceptions of the formative potential of the National Certifiicate of Educational Achievement. Massey University Thereesha, F. Students' perceptions of the Secondary Numeracy Project. University of Waikato Aubrey R.

Student and teacher perceptions of preparation in mathematics in middle school and its impact on students' self-efficacy and performance in an upper secondary school in Western Australia. Murdoch University Bansilal, S. South African grade 9 mathematics teachers' professional knowledge: A situative perspective. Curtin University Belcher, V. Canturbury University Clark, J. Teaching the ethereal: Creativity in mathematics education.

University of Auckland Daniel, C.

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The identification of mathematical ability and of factors significant in its nurture. University of Otago Deagan, B. In what ways are year one students able to represent their mathematical understanding? University of Melbourne Delos Santos, A. University of Auckland Doyle, K. Teaching gesture and oral computation in Mozambique: Four case studies. Monash University Draisma, J. Mathematical modelling through top-level structure. Queensland University of Technology Fackler, J.


The effect of grade-5 elementary teachers' geometry content knowledge on classroom environment, students' achievement and attitude towards geometry. Curtin University Hilton, E. An evaluation of hands-on activities in terms of learning environment, achievement, and attitudes in grades 4 and 5. Curtin University Kilgour, P. Student, teacher and parent perceptions of classroom environments in streamed and unstreamed mathematics classrooms. Curtin University Marston, K. University of Melbourne Miller-Reilly, B.

Affective change in adult students in second chance mathematics courses: Three different teaching approaches. University of Auckland Minns, R. A student-centred mathematics booklet system: Its influence on students' mathematical performance and attitude to mathematics. Avondale College Moritz, J. Developing student's understandings and representations of statistical covariation.

University of Tasmania Nettleship, E. Students' perspective of a mathematics extension programme designed with special interest in history. Massey University Ogbuehi, P.

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  7. Evaluation of an innovative strategy for teaching systems of linear equations in terms of classroom environment, attitudes and conceptual development. Curtin University of Technology Robson, D. Development of educational software for learning equation solving.

    Lincoln University Sala, E. University of Auckland Shirazian, Z. The role of language switching in Iranian bilingual students when solving mathematical problems Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Teh, K. A comparative study of lower secondary mathematics textbooks from the Asia Pacific region. Curtin University Wilson, T.

    The field is overflowing with research, publications, rapports etc. If you hold a bachelors degree the masters will consist of 60 ECTS of obligatory subjects and a two semester master thesis. It is considered to be of vital importance that the programme has a close relationship with both national and international experts in this field. Research seminars will be held each autumn to ensure this contact.

    You will have to prove this by holdning no less than 80 ECTS in mathematical studies prior to applying. As a rule, students teachers complete a 30 ECTS programme during their study period, and they need further 60 ECTS, including a gradepoint average of C or 2,7 , to be accepted for a master degree. The programme also includes practical pedagogical knowledge, and student teachers will have already fulfilled this criterion as it is a part of the obligatory modules in their education.