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Shortly after the attacks, President George W. All these phrases frame counterterrorism in terms of military action, indeed in terms of years-long military campaigns. I want to argue that this approach and framing of counterterrorism is wrong and causes more problems than it solves. In addition to the very good points made by Mr. Byford in his essay all those years ago, there are several reasons to abandon the notion that counterterrorism is only or best seen as a military engagement.

These can be summarised as follows:. The emphasis on the use of military force to counteract terrorist groups also runs the risk of overlooking or underemphasizing the important contributions to preventing terrorist violence made by other actors. Specifically, security and intelligence services, law enforcement agencies, and, perhaps no less important, civil society and local actors.

Addressing terrorist threats through alternative channels can also bring advantages over military action as well as opportunities for creative responses, including:.

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We should have learned by now that declaring war on social ills rarely succeeds. The war on drugs is a prime example of how the disbursement of billions of dollars over many decades has had virtually no effect on the drug trade and the numbers of individuals who die from drug overdose and related violence. This is not to say that progress has not been made.

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Grading the War on Terrorism

Why waste your time by looking for essay samples online? Try our service right now! Category: Essay Service. Order similar paper. Steps to follow when writing war against terrorism in Pakistan essay Before you start writing your terrorism in Pakistan essay , you need to take the following steps: Define the term. Look into the dictionary, go on special web-sites, find out the definitions of the term given by international and government organizations, legal acts and other documents.

Research the historical background. You need to be aware of the events that may have caused terrorism, or go even more far by researching economic, political and religious background that played significant role in terrorism development. Research the movements, including but not limited to religious, ethnic and political, that are involved in the social activity in the country.

Pay attention to the leaders of active groups, the interests they protect, their slogans, policy, values and so on. Learn the motivation and requirements of the terroristic groups. Here, we suggest watching videos shut directly by the representatives of the groups, as well as read declarations written by the terrorists on their own. Research the tactics of the terroristic organizations.

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In what situation do the terrorists prefer using that or another tactic? What are the types of the tactics? What groups are characterized by the usage of that or another tactic? Find out the overall objective of the terroristic groups acting in Pakistan. What do the terrorists want?

At the end of the day, how do they imagine the world and Pakistan in it, if all their requirements are satisfied?

"War on Terrorism"

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Essay of war against terrorism

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