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Plus, an unexpectedly amusing turn by DiCaprio awaits those who can look past the flawed pacing, the terribly ill-fitting rap song at the close, and the overlong running time. Your email address will not be published. Search for:.

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Movies By Year 90s 80s 70s 60s 50s 40s ss. The contentious theme of child soldiers is represented as atrocious and an infringement of human rights in a diverse range of literary and non- literary texts such as the movie Blood Diamond, the poem Child Soldier Diary and the article Stolen kids turned into terrifying killers.

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These notions work to emphasize and further naturalise the fundamental ideologies concerning child soldiers in western society. When composing texts, authors…. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Show More. The social implication that is brought to attention here is very evident. Children forced into the roles of child soldiers, ordered to kill friends and family members are socially destructed; the amount of mental stress that comes with being a child soldier will, ultimately, ruin their livelihoods forever.

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The Sierra Leone society has become socially destroyed due to the traumatic events the RUF forced upon children and adults; the constant worry of whether they will be able to live to see another day has mentally and physically exhausted the living of these civilians. Secondly, William P.

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Murphy suggests that children look up to, and respect their parents or guardians; their main figureheads. When their parents or guardians are separated from their children, children will seek out for a new leader. Thus, in the events of Sierra Leone, children are taken away from their parents by the RUF and now look up to the leaders of the RUF as their own figureheads and mentors.


It is a framework to explain the impact the Civil War had on child soldiers who were forced into their role. According to the first model, youths are victimized by the cruel coercive practices of the commanders on the different fighting factions, including the national army.

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In the second and third models, youths respond in different ways to their marginalization and alienation from local and national infrastructures indifferent to their needs. His research suggests that children in Sierra Leone are forced to participate in the production or protection of the Blood Diamond industry and their reactions to this have all been very different. The social dynamic of Sierra Leone will be an extremely long and slow process to regain. Mentally and physically, civilians of Sierra Leone are exhausted due to the social implications brought on by the Blood Diamond industry.

Copious implications have arisen due to the Blood Diamond mining industry, environmentally. After an in depth analysis and understanding of how the mining of Conflict Diamonds has caused severe environmental impacts, individuals will be able to recognize the immeasurable amount of time it will take to bring this country back to a healthy state. The Blood Diamond industry has led to a series of chain events which have drastically changed the environment and landscape of the West African country for a lifetime.

Firstly, the mining activities that have taken place have inevitably destroyed the landscape of Sierra Leone. In Chris B.


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Squire comments on an interestingly insightful opinion; due to the impact and demand for diamonds, mining opportunities began to emerge and take over large areas of land. This meant that areas of land were to be dug up and degraded, along with the luscious forestry areas. A great deal of land was being destroyed in order to meet the needs of the Blood Diamond industry. This process is the main cause for unmeasurable deforestation.

Due to the increase in deforestation and land degradation, it becomes very difficult to maintain high levels of active wildlife, without appropriate resources. Thus, there is a major concern towards wildlife extinction.

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Bush meat, an excellent source of protein, is a major part of the daily dietary measures of the population; the demand for the meat still remains high however, with considerable hunting, concerns are raised about threatening and endangering the species. Numerous animals have become extinct, on the verge of extinction, or undoubtedly threatened. Skuce discusses more prevalent environmental effects. The Blood Diamond mining has resulted in major water contamination areas all over Sierra Leone, leading to major health risks. Major zones of silting has caused rivers and creeks to dry up due to large amounts of sediments build up overtime.

The Blood Diamond industry within Sierra Leone has caused severe unrest within the country. Blood Diamonds were sold illegally across borders into other parts of the world by the RUF.