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Music Festival Project. The students use and develop their skills in order to create a range of business documents which include:. Introduction to Computing.

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This project consists of both a practical and theoretical element. Understanding Computers Theory :. Programming in Python Practical :. Exam board: OCR.

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Course Content. Computer Systems and Programming: In this area of the course you will learn all about: how a computer system works; how the computer processes information and be able to explain what hardware a computer uses; how computers store information in their memory; how computers use binary to perform their tasks; how software works, the Internet works and how we connect computers up to a network.

Computational thinking, algorithms and programming: Here you will be introduced to algorithms and programming, you will be learning about programming techniques, how to produce robust programs, computational logic, translators and facilities of computing languages and data representation. This section of the course will make you more familiar with computing related mathematics.

Programming project: Here you will create and develop suitable algorithms in a high level programming language Eg. You will then code your solution in a suitable programming language. The solution must be tested at each stage to ensure they solve the stated problem and learners must use a suitable test plan with appropriate test data. Although this element of the course is not asse ssed, it is a requirement of the course and will take 20 hours to complete.

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L Understand the tools and techniques used to initiate and plan solutions. Use spreadsheet and database software to model project solutions.

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Types and threats Vulnerabilities exploited in cyber security attacks Impacts and consequences of cyber security attack Current relevant IT: its implications and applications. Use spreadsheet and database software to model project solutions and outcomes.

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Computer Science Year 9 Autumn Term. Computer Science Year 9 Spring Term. Data dictionary example. Data Manipulation Language. Data Description Language.

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Views of the data. Typical data dictionary When putting together a data dictionary for a database project, the analyst considers what kind of information needs to be documented. Integer 11 or VarChar 50 Default value of fields i.