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Likewise, workers are now more likely to be under-employed and hold jobs that require less training or education than they have.

Stagnant wages and unsteady employment have helped create income and wealth inequality gaps that are now approaching levels this country has not seen in almost a century. Because the richest Americans are receiving a disproportionate share of income and wealth in the U. And some even argue that generational mobility is now more likely in some European countries than it is in the U.

Because wages have not kept pace with soaring housing prices in most places in this country, Americans must now make trade-offs and sacrifices.

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One-fifth of all employed Americans must find ways to supplement their income just to pay bills and buy groceries. Fourteen percent are spending more on their credit cards to pay for their monthly living expenses, and 17 percent of workers have been forced to sacrifice their retirement security.

Things look bleak for those Americans nearing retirement. As for young adults, financial security during their sunset years seems almost hopeless. Federal Reserve data show that 31 percent of people who have not yet retired and 19 percent of year-old adults who are nearing retirement age have no postwork savings or private pension.

Older baby boomers who either have retired or are approaching retirement often find that they have inadequate savings even though many of them worked for employers who provided traditional pensions rather than k -styled employee-funded individual savings plans. Americans coming into retirement are also burdened with more housing, automobile and even student loan debts than people their age did a decade ago. As a result, many baby boomers have decided to push back their retirement date.

Younger Americans are also struggling to save for retirement. Young adults lack retirement savings because many of them are part-time workers who do not have access to a plan that sets aside some of their pay or because they are too burdened with student loan and other debts to be able to save for retirement. Americans who have worked hard and played by the rules now fear that they will never be financially successful.

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They have lost faith in the American Dream. They are disillusioned, and they are showing signs of despair.

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Both conservative working-class Americans who do not have a college degree and ultra-liberal college-educated millennials are displaying their anger in this presidential election cycle. Many voters who have lost faith in the American Dream are embracing nontraditional populist candidates like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Disenchanted and disaffected voters seem willing to support extreme views and proposals because they no longer believe that traditional political candidates will find a way to create secure jobs that pay decent wages and help move the working class into the middle class.

One group in particular — whites aged 45 to 54 without a college degree — appears to have given up on the American Dream. White noncollege Americans, especially males, no longer seem to believe that hard work and determination is enough to achieve financial success.

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They blame politicians, particularly President Obama, for pushing economic policies that harm the middle class. They are anxious, they are angry and they doubt that their high school diploma or work skills will be enough for them to succeed in the job market.

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Disturbing physical signs of this economic anxiety includes increased first-time heroin use by whites , particularly young males , shortened average lifespans and their rising suicide rates. While the American Dream of upward mobility and financial security is alive and well for the richest Americans, lower- and middle-income Americans have never felt less secure financially than they do now. Downward mobility is now the new normal for most Americans.

Upward mobility is now an almost insurmountable dream. Do editors pander to audiences more than they should?

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For instance, if your parents had only one chance and one chance at all to get here and they had to leave you behind with their parents for any reason, then you would be stuck here. No one wants their child to suffer or having to go through the same stuff they did. Some people take happiness for granted. Would you rather get a job and get money, a nice house, and a nice car? Or would you rather get no job, no money, and no personal benefits? America is the place to live with freedom and everything, but nothing nowadays is free.

The American Dream is changing and if no one will step up to the plate and direct this place into the place that everyone wants it to be, then it will turn out to be one of the most hated.

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