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This separation can lead to localized endemic populations of organisms that exhibit small species distributions and are adapted to local environmental conditions. Desert spring aquatic organisms are also frequently of high conservation priority and are listed as imperiled and in need of protection. This study examined invertebrate community structure and habitat associations at seven sites in and around the Davis Mountains in the Trans Pecos region of west Texas. The overall purpose of this study was to determine mesohabitat associations and estimate population sizes of three endangered aquatic invertebrates found in the region: the Phantom springsnail Pyrgulopsis texana , the Phantom tryonia Tryonia cheatumi , and the diminutive amphipod Gammarus hyalleloides.

I conducted stratified random sampling at all sites quarterly for a year starting in March of Results indicate that the abundance of most of the endangered species was most strongly influenced by site the particular location that was sampled and that mesohabitat conditions were substantially less important in influencing the density of species. In addition, I found that two species of non-native and invasive snails Melanoides tuberculata and Tarebia granifera were found at most of the study sites sometimes at densities higher than populations of native invertebrates. These results suggest that regionally distributed invertebrates with low dispersal potential such as snails and amphipods with no desiccation-resistant life stages exhibit high site-specific occurrence.

In addition, these results indicate that conservation of these populations in the wild should focus on site-specific objectives to preserve water quality and habitat conditions. However, this management strategy is complicated by the fact that these spring systems are interconnected by a larger regional groundwater pool.

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With agricultural demands and oil and gas development increasing in the Trans-Pecos region, the risk for groundwater over-pumping and contamination place individual and collective regional populations at risk. Bio: Nina was born in northern Virginia and was raised in Newnan, Georgia. Using museum and citizen-science data to examine the range contraction of a threatened lizard species. Jared Haney. Sarah Fritts, Dr. I assessed the utility of museum and citizen-science databases for observing range dynamics of a species that is suspected to have experienced a significant contraction in recent decades, the Texas horned lizard Phrynosoma cornutum.

By integrating spatial data from two sources, VertNet and iNaturalist, into a GIS computing environment and segregating observations into five time periods, I calculated several metrics to characterize the size and location of the P. These metrics were based on fitting a minimum convex polygon MCP to the lizard observations of each time period.

I compared the location of the range edge for consecutive time periods so as to test whether the range has been contracting in each of the four cardinal directions as assessed by distances between the historic center and recorded lizard observations and the distances between the historic center and the range edge. The eastern quadrant was the only quadrant to experience a steady decline in mean edge distance and mean observation distance from the historic to the current time period.

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The southern quadrant is characterized by small sample sizes and erratic patterns of change among time periods. Range size and edge location in the northern and western quadrants remained relatively stable over time. The main conclusion is that the eastern portion of the P.

The exact cause of the contraction remains unknown, although it could be indirectly related to increasing human population density and landscape alteration in the eastern part of the range. The use of citizen science and museum records provides a level of data collection necessary for monitoring broad-scale range dynamics. MCPs and derived metrics provide a straightforward approach for monitoring range dynamics, although they may sometimes be prone to overestimate range size and may not be informative for irregularly-shaped distributions or for rare species.

The methods employed in my study could be applied to other species that may be undergoing range contraction or expansion.

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Zachary Mitchell. Astrid Schwalb Committee Members:. Thom Hardy, Texas State University.

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Karl Cottenie, University of Guelph. Abstract: Drying events, such as anthropogenic dewatering and drought, which are predicted to occur more often and with greater intensity due to global climate change, pose a great risk to stream organisms requiring perennial flow. Freshwater mussels are particularly sensitive to drying events because they are relatively sessile and cannot easily escape disturbance events. Both drought and excessive water extraction pose a major threat in Texas.

Therefore, the primary objective of this dissertation is to examine the role of drying events on mussel communities by using a multi- spatial, temporal and organizational scale approach. Chapter 1 investigates the role of life history strategies of mussels for the behavioral and physiological responses to drying events by utilizing lab experiments and a review of existing literature. Chapter 2 will examine how varying environmental conditions impact population dynamic rates of mussels with different life history strategies within three central Texas rivers using mark-recapture techniques.

Chapter 3 will examine the role of life history strategies and other selective forces on mussel distribution and metacommunity structure along a longitudinal gradient of two central Texas rivers using spatial analyses of continuous survey and remotely sensed data. Chapter 4 examines long-term changes in mussel communities between two periods in four central Texas rivers in relation to a major drought event. Chapter 5 will provide a synthesis and attempt to develop a holistic conceptual model to predict the distribution and structure of mussel metacommunities in rivers subject to drying events based upon life history strategies and other selective forces.

Bio: Zach was born in Paris, Texas and raised in central Florida. He graduated from Mississippi State University in with a B. He started his PhD here in in Aquatic Resources.

Darkness at noon summary essays

Cetaceans are long-lived top predators that can accumulate high concentrations of contaminants, including Hg, Cd, PCBs polychlorinated biphenyls , and DDT dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane in their tissues. However, studying cetaceans can be difficult due to logistical and legal constraints.

As a result of these challenges, contaminant studies are often limited by sample size and therefore a mixed methodological approach is the most effective way to advance our understanding of contaminant body burdens in cetaceans. My proposed research will use tissues, teeth, and computer modeling to understand the accumulation of contaminants in cetaceans from the Gulf of Mexico and New Zealand. Finally, I will incorporate organic pollutants into a previously developed computer model based on the behavioral interactions of dusky dolphins Lagenorhynchus obscurus and killer whales Orcinus orca off New Zealand to comprehend the interactions between energetics and the bioavailability of PCBs and DDT.

Due to the inherent challenges associated with studying cetaceans in the wild, a multidisciplinary approach using toxicology, stable isotope analysis and ecological modeling is necessary to better understand the accumulation of contaminants in cetacean populations. She holds a B. Her interest in marine mammal science stems from an appreciation of the evolutionary adaptations required of cetaceans, the ability of charismatic megafauna to generate interest in science, and the role cetaceans play as sentinel species.

Meaghan started in the Ph. Rebekah J. Rylander Major Advisor: Dr.