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The White Rose The White Rose is a shining example of resistance to Hitler, but also of the ruthlessness which the Nazis authorities showed when faced with any opposition. In early , the fortunes of war were clearly turning against the Germans.

The battle of Stalingrad had been a complete disaster, resulting in the surrender of the Sixth Army on January 31, Around this time, a small group of students, mostly centered in the University of Munich, began openly to agitate against the Nazi regime. He had made his way from the celebrity group through the common throng to seek me out.

The White Rose

Culture Minister, Chris Smith before a renta-crowd of dignitaries. Smithy was my political rival, as I was standing against him in Islington South and Finsbury as a Stuckist candidate in the then current General Election. Simultaneously other Stuckist artists and supporters, strategically situated, held up placards with their own messages. Among this elite cadre were fiery poet S. Obviously we had mounted the wrong kind of challenge and not been afraid of causing the wrong kind of offence.

Nevertheless the encounter was a fine piece of street theatre.

White Rose Memorial Essay Contest

In January I was propped up in bed late at night in my suburban Finchley semi, which overlooked a stream and trees. During the previous three months I had assembled an embryonic art group, but had frustratingly failed to find an effective name for it. In May , Wolfgang F. Robinow told of his experiences.

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He emigrated to the United States in at the age of 20 and returned to Europe as a U. Army officer in , participating in the liberation of Dachau and the occupation of Munich. After the war, he served as an investigator for war crimes and headed an internment camp [see Reference: Contact information]. Max Mannheimer, chairman of the Dachau prisoners' committee, is a regular guest at our school. The personal contacts formed by visiting the Dachau memorial and meeting survivors proved decisive for a group of students and teachers who worked on the organization and implementation of the memorial event for the 50th anniversary of Dachau's liberation April 30, We also use anniversaries as incentives to hold memorial events in our school, such as the 50th anniversary of the Wannsee Conference on January 20, , or to participate in outside commemorative events with individual student groups, such as the 75th birthday of Sophie Scholl at the University of Munich.

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When non-school events that can supplement classroom instruction take place nearby the school, they are eagerly incorporated into the curriculum by our subject specialists. Examples are participation in city tours on the subject "National Socialism and Resistance in Munich" and a visit to the much-debated "Wehrmachtausstellung" an exhibition about the crimes of the German Army during World War II by the students enrolled in basic and advanced history courses in March In selecting topics for written assignments, our students have also revealed their interest in the subjects of National Socialism and the Holocaust.

They have often participated in competitions and have received prizes for their submissions see the following list of Facharbeiten [one-year research projects]. In February , the project group "Politics and Contemporary History" won one of the major prizes in the student competition for political education with an essay about Kristallnacht.

get link In addition to a description of the sequence of events during that pogrom, the submission provided the results of research the project group had done on the anti-Jewish riots in Rosenheim, the students' hometown. Even without participating in competitions, some projects have stirred public interest. Her article in the student newspaper was later discussed in the "Abendzeitung" ["Evening Journal"] on July 22, [see Documents].

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It was also reprinted in the magazine of the Dachau survivors' association no. In almost all Bavarian schools, students are required in their last year before Abitur [final examinations] to complete a Facharbeit, a research project in their major fields that requires nearly one year of study and inquiry, in order to get experience in specialized research.

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The students receive suggested topics from their teachers, but they are allowed to submit topics of their own interest. During the past two decades, many interesting research projects have developed in the advanced history course and the results are partly incorporated in subsequent classes. This contact resulted from a history teacher's initiative and led to a series of further collaborations. Thus, from June , , we presented the exhibition "The White Rose: Portrait of a Munich Group" for the first time in the school's assembly hall.