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This sort of activity helps enrich knowledge and skills. Hence, playing electronic games is certainly not a waste of time. Thirdly, everyone needs some form of entertainment for relaxation. Playing electronic games is just another form of recreation which helps the players relieve stress. It is similar to playing a board game or cooking.

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The time spent is rewarded with a sense of well-being. In fact, it is a cheap and convenient way to keep oneself entertained. Players can choose to play on their own or play with friends. They can play in their own homes so no extra cost for transportation or rental of space or equipment is necessary. On the other hand, it cannot be denied that electronic games can be addictive leading to players spending too much time playing and neglecting their work, studies and relationships.

Too much time spent on anything is not good. There are some games which teach negative values such as violence and dishonesty. Playing such games would be a waste of time. Players need to choose games that have educational value so that the time they spend on those games benefits them. In conclusion, playing electronic games has many benefits and so, cannot be regarded as a waste of time.

However, to benefit from playing such games, one must be disciplined and not spend too much time on this pastime as well as pick games that have educational value. English Conversation.

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Business Idioms. Playing electronic games is a waste of time. Electronic games include video games and computer games that are played on special devices like the well-known Playstation or a computer. The time to beat a video game currently runs about hours on average.

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Luckily, FlarePlay. These many negative effects could build up into a more serious situation, with all of the possible outcomes of these side-effects mixing together it could quite possibly take a turn for the worse. The use of violent video games could cause players to participate in criminal violence, because of the increased levels of aggression and rage. NBC News reported of a gory incident in January of , which involved Nehemiah Griego and his murderous actions toward his parents. From my 15 year of experience playing hundreds of video games I never thought of games being gender biased till now.

Jenkins states that traditional culture in video games is not fixing gender bias games but rather. I remember back when my mother bought me my first video game console. I spent most of my time playing it while others outside playing sports. Thus, this is what evoked my alteration from my love for sports to video game E-sports. At the age of 7, my mother signed me up to play major league soccer for the local community. Terry would play sport video games for hours and forget to do his homework, help his mom babysit, or take out the trash. Now it it may seem like nothing when you play these games.

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But when people, especially children play them often it starts to become the only thing that they think about. Ever since the Columbine Massacre occurred, people seemed to concern themselves with the violent nature of video games. So many people argue that because video games played a part in the lives of the two teenagers who planned and executed the event, video games are to be blamed as their motive. Although video games have often glamorize graphic violence, people should not cast blame upon them for an increase in violent behavior in those who play them especially teens because those who make these.

First of all I will be talking about myself and who I am. First of all I love dogs and I am driven to be a veterinarian from colorado state university. And I want to be A person who helps the common good. Now I will talk about who I am as a learner. As a learner, I am principled and smart. Another thing I am is educated and I do the best I can possibly. Video games and the people who play them, on the other hand, have been distinguished as violent and terrible with no useful purpose in common life. Alternatively, they are also extremely useful in hospital treatments.