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Elie's lifestyle has a very drastic change from when he was living in Sighet to when he was at the death camps. Elie and his family celebrate the Jewish holiday, Passover. We drank, we ate, we sang. The bible bade us rejoice during the seven days of the feast to be happy. He is able to honor this Jewish holiday like any other normal holiday as he always does for Jewish tradition. When they arrive at the concentration camp, Elie begins to realize that he will no longer be treated as he is at home. Keep only your belts and shoes in your hand?

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When the Nazis tell him to do something, then it'd to be done even if it violates his humanity. The Nazi's not only handles the Jews dead bodies like animals, but also the other prisoners don't think much of the dead bodies either.

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All corpses outside! As the Jews die, they are thrown out of the train like they are logs. Not only did the Nazis take Elie's humanity away, but also Elie take the humanity away from the other prisoners. The concentration camps affected everybody in every way, not just death. The Nazi's stripped all of the Jews of humanity.

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Night By Elie Wiesel. Night By Elie Wisel. It revolves around the acts or prejudice, discrimination, stereotyping, and more.

Night by Elie Wiesel

Reading about how the Jews were torn out of their homes and tortured and killed because of Hitler. Night tells the story of people who were destroyed because they were Jews, they were innocent victims. These people had done nothing and however were tormented, dishonored and liquidated for no reason other than they were Jews. Wiesel is a witness to all the horrible things such as; the death of his family, the death of his childhood and the death of his God. The Night is a book written by Elie Wiesel. Everything that he wrote about in this book happened to him. Elie and his family lived in a town in Transylvania until the Nazis came in and took them away.

First the Nazis took over their town and then they sent everyone to camps.

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Little did the Jewish people of this town, know how bad things would get once they got to the camps. Although life wanted to destroy him, he managed to survive and deliver a message of freedom to all his fellow-citizen. Humanity should know the truth. People often become too cruel. They close their eyes. They become blind to everything. His sincerity touches many hearts. Even nowadays it is so painful to remember the events which happened in the past during the one of the cruelest wars in the world.

Besides, if you have a task to write a speech about a war, our speech writer online will help you any time. This period lasted almost 6 years. Hitler was an adherent to Theory of Evolution. According to the Theory people are divided into classes. Some of them belong to upper class some to the lower class. On the scheme of categories Aryans are one of the first classes while Jews are on the bottom and are considered not human beings but almost apes. For this reason, Hitler as a faithful follower of the Theory of Evolution knew what he had to do.

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  6. That was a period when Jews were burnt and kept in concentration camps. Nazis killed Jews in many other ways. They gave them no chance to escape. However, they did not manage to kill all Jews. Many people survived and stayed alive. One of them was Elie Wiesel. During the War Hitler killed not only pure Jews but also those people who had Jews in their generations like grandfathers or grandmothers.

    A person was killed, if one of his parents was Jew. The Holocaust was a systematic massacre of Jews. Surely, Germany has already paid for the deeds of the previous generation. Still, Jews keep in memory the events of those days. We suggest a wide range of services. Our company may be useful in many ways. Professional editing is the thing which every student needs.

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    It is the book about war.