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6 Unhealthy Mother-Daughter Relationships

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Infanticide and Mother- Daughter Relationship in Toni Morison’s Beloved

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The teenager needs to clarify the differences to establish her own identity. Both mothers from the short stories show tough love for their daughters as one of their parenting techniques. The mother uses a form of reverse psychology so her daughter can prove her wrong that she will not become a slut that her mother thinks she will become. Hair spray? With this being said, Patterson would approve of the relationships that both mothers have with their daughters because it makes the parent become more involved with their children lives since its giving the child to hold high expectations of the parent which later on will lead to positive outcomes to the child.

Although these mothers have unique ways of parenting, other parents might say this type of parenting can result of psychological abuse to their daughters. Connie states that these words are familiar to her indicating that her mother verbally attacks her often which results into a psychological abuse.

Mother daughter relationship essay

In conclusion, mothers expect more from their daughters to succeed in life with what the mother has provided to them varying from everyday life to academics and also by satisfying gender roles that society has made for women. While some of these gender roles can be protested by their daughters, it will most likely create communication barriers between their mothers relationship and cause several problems between the two.

Both mothers use though love in their parenting to show what their daughters are expected of and to hopefully guide their daughters in life with what the mother has taught them. Works Cited Blackstone, Amy. Keen, Stefanie M. Child Abuse and Neglect.

New York and London: Psychology Press, Kincaid, Jamaica. Kennedy and Dana Gioia. New York: Person Longman, A Mother Daughter Relationship. Accessed October 19, This is just a sample. You can get your custom paper from our expert writers. Gender, is it preordained or learned? The stereotypes of what are femininity and masculinity have been set for ages. Who is to say that everyone should or will fall into a stereotype?

We point it out and then give "the moody one" the space she needs. We're also learning how to recognize when our anger or criticism is misplaced so we can spare each other unnecessary heartache.

Give and Receive Thoughtful Advice: While we often value each other's advice, it can be difficult for mothers and daughters to be impartial, and feelings can be hurt if advice is not followed. Plus, for whoever is on the receiving end, advice can often feel like interference or criticism. Learn to welcome each other's insights without being dismissive; at the same time, give each other the freedom and support to trust our instincts, even when it means taking a different path.

Make Time to Connect: As daughters grow up and move away, our lives become separate and it is difficult to maintain our relationship when quick phone calls on the run become the norm. While phone calls, e-mails, and occasional texts are common ways we stay in touch, we have found that weekly "Skype dates" allow us to block out distractions and make time for meaningful conversation. Fight Fair: Almost every mother-daughter duo has its own "hot button" - that one topic where you can't ever see eye to eye. Every time the topic surfaces, it gets the juices flowing and you can feel an argument looming.

While it's easy to let anger and emotional outbursts get the best of us, try to pause, breathe, and take time to consider your mother or daughter's point of view before defending yourself. Finding ways to be more empathetic - even if you disagree - can help you keep the peace and avoid hurt feelings. Know How Much Time to Spend Together: If you have a strong mother-daughter relationship, you probably cherish the limited time you have together.

However, if you're like us, you've learned that too much togetherness can bring on those petty little annoyances from long ago. The amount of mother-daughter time that's right may differ, but the important thing to remember is that the desire to separate once again is natural. That's healthy and makes an adult relationship balanced.

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Uncover Mixed Signals: Combine the topic of body language with mothers and daughters and it conjures up visions filled with emotion: the sulking teenager, the finger-pointing mother, the full-of-love bear hug. We often make assumptions about what someone is thinking and feeling from their body language - and if the signals are misinterpreted, it can be as damaging to a mother-daughter relationship as misunderstood words.

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Don't assume that you understand how the other is feeling by their posture, facial expression, or gesture -- rather, ask.