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This collection of papers is primarily concerned… More.

Book 7. The book holds 26 chapters encompassing the histo… More. Book 8. Freedom as a value is older than Greece, as evide… More.

Law of Moses

Book 9. Creditors have always sought the protection of th… More. Book Steven Holloway's work is the first monograph dev… More. Michele Daviau. This volume presents a functional and typological… More. To Your Tents, O Israel! For almost a century scholars have been perplexed… More. Cultu by Lawrence H. Randall Garr. This book is about nothing less than Genesis 1, o… More. Thutmose III s 15th c.

This volume deals with historical and exegetical… More. Subject of this book is the god Dagan biblical D… More. Excavations at Mendes: Volume 1.

1. Sumer (Lagash: the Stele of the Vultures)

This volume constitutes the final report on the e… More. Shelve Excavations at Mendes: Volume 1.

About Israelite Religion and Biblical Theology

The book presents the results of a complete and d… More. The volume presents the results of a detailed sur… More. Hillers by Eleonora Cussini. A Journey to Palmyra originates from the desire to remem… More. This is demonstrated by documents from the ancient Near East, that have been the object of Martti Nissinen's research for more than twenty years.

Nissinen's studies have had a formative influence on the study of the prophetic phenomenon. The present volume presents a selection of thirty-one essays, bringing together essential aspects of prophetic divination in the ancient Near East. The first section of the volume discusses prophecy from theoretical perspectives. The second sections contains studies on prophecy in texts from Mari and Assyria and other cuneiform sources.

Even prophecy in the Dead Sea Scrolls is discussed in the fifth section. Help Centre. Track My Order.

Michael Heiser - Genesis and the Ancient Near East

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Lexical Studies in the Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Inscriptions

Will ship when available. This book is mostly identified as an early version of the Book of Deuteronomy , perhaps chapters 5—26 and chapter 28 of the extant text. This text contains a number of laws, dated to the 8th century BCE kingdom of Judah. Another mention of the "Book of the Law of Moses" is found in Joshua The content of the Law is spread among the books of Exodus , Leviticus , and Numbers , and then reiterated and added to in Deuteronomy. This includes:.

Associated Regional Chronologies for the Ancient Near East and the Eastern Mediterranean

The content of the instructions and its interpretations, the Oral Torah, was passed down orally, excerpted and codified in Rabbinical Judaism , and in the Talmud were numbered as the commandments. Rabbinic Judaism [11] asserts that Moses presented the laws to the Jewish people, and that the laws do not apply to Gentiles including Christians , with the exception of the Seven Laws of Noah , which it teaches apply to all people. Most Christians believe that only parts dealing with the moral law as opposed to ceremonial law are still applicable , others believe that none apply , dual-covenant theologians believe that the Old Covenant remains valid only for Jews, and a minority have the view that all parts still apply to believers in Jesus and in the New Covenant.

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