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Engaging with photography like this helps you cultivate your inner creativity and engage more meaningfully with the world around you. In capturing moments of importance and beauty, photography helps people revisit memories in a way otherwise not possible. Simply put, photography grants people the ability to immortalize moments in time.

Getting into the practice of capturing your life is good for your mental health. A lot of us tend to dwell on the more negative things that happen to us.

Personal Narrative- My Passion for Photography Essay

We go on a beautiful vacation and see great sites, eat marvelous food, and interact with history, but on our flight back, we fixate on the hotel employee who was rude to us in the lobby on our last day. This is a propensity almost all of us have—this fixation on the negative. By recording our happiest memories, however, we train ourselves to spend more time thinking about the good things.

Of course, in addition to providing genuine joy and happiness to both ourselves and the people we love, photography is a craft, and practicing it every day will only help you improve. We think of photography as a craft practiced only by everyday amateurs with smartphones or actual professionals with a certain amount of knowledge. But the truth is, anyone can become a great photographer with a bit of practice. In fact, practice beats talent every time. It follows, then, that when you take photos every day, you improve in a seriously meaningful way.


You might not even be trying to improve, but you do. If you do anything on a regular basis and work on your process and analyze the results, you will improve. Start taking pictures for one full year. The power of photography as art is that it serves to enhance the way we see the world.

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Try taking a photo of the same object every day. This kind of practice has a way of activating your brain and stimulating your inner creativity that makes life more interesting. There is beauty in the little things. I'm very happy to write this topic. Article review on my hobby skating.

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Associate of determination can then. For my level Japanese class, one of our end-of-semester assignments was to write an character essay about one of our hobbies. This essay talk about my hobby and three benefits of that. A hobby is, therefore, essential for the proper enjoyment of life.

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My hobby coin collection problem solving. Read this short essay short essay my hobby dancing on My Hobby! I read story books, magazines, newspapers and any kind of material that I find interesting. Let us write for short term for you my hobby essay save your time! The strangest thing about my hobby is that nobody taught me. My hobby essay - Can You Write My.

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