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Basically, the apprehension in Barn Burning is brought about by the generational gap existing between the two Maxwell, It is a common phenomenon in most of the families nowadays for father-son relationships to fall apart. In most cases, the occurrence tends to get worse due to the actions of the father. Sarty is a young man who tries very hard to identify and set his own code of morality.

Although a father-son relationship should be built on legitimate respect, loyalty, and admiration, the opposite is evident in the short story. The idea of love, respect and loyalty was absent in relationship between Abner and Sarty Skei, In the second sentence of his story, Faulkner shows us his most unique writing feature, long sentences.

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The second sentence of the story is more than one hundred long, with multiple clauses that allow the reader to break when reading. According to Faulkner, the perception and thoughtfulness of individuals is easily questioned due to its varying nature, based on the influence of both the environment and other people.

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A sample of the second sentence on the story is shown below. This portion of the story indicates numerous thoughts; each portrayed in a clause of its own, but connected to create a flow of ideas.

By using clauses to disrupt the continuity of the sentences, Faulkner is able to create the impression of how disorganized personal thoughts are. That one particular sentence informs us of how confused Sartoris is, and goes on to tell us about the place where the events are happening. He becomes more concerned of his loyalty to his family, and this makes him sad.

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Snopes is a very terrifying figure, often controlling his family with physical and psychological violence as well as making them contribute to his favorite pastime, burning barns. The Snopes family. Sarty has an internal conflict choosing right over wrong resulting in being unfaithful to his Father. Author William Faulkner served in the air force and was a clerk at a bookstore before he started writing which.

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The main character, Sartoris Snopes, is a poor son of a migrant tenant farmer. The boy does not tell on his father and is not forced to do so, but he thinks that he would have done so had he been asked. The father, Abner Snopes, served in the Civil War for both sides and has difficulty venting his anger.

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The symbol of blood is used by Faulkner to contribute to the theme of loyalty to the …show more content…. Mine and hisn both! Here this shows that the father has done this before and the boy is used to dealing with it. In saying this, it is almost as if he is trying to convince the boy to lie for his own blood.

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  6. Would you warn his next victim? Testify against him in court? Bring him the oil to torch the next barn? Run away? Check out "Barn Burning" to see what Sarty decides.

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