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The fact that there exists a connection between the inhabitants of Camelot and the Lady but that it is mysterious and magical further emphasizes the distinction between the realms of the external world and the tower. In Part II, readers are introduced to the Lady herself, who is under the spell of a mysterious curse that does not allow her to look out her window. Her web, a symbol of artistic fecundity but also of her enslavement, depicts the world outside, but only as reflected in her mirror.

She sees knights and pages and boys and girls, and sometimes she sees the two great events of earthly life, funerals and weddings. This state of affairs is what causes her to assert her identity by claiming that she is sick of shadows, for her life is paralyzed and stagnant. She feels a sense of loss and exclusion. The language is sensual and heroic, and the Lady of Shalott is as entranced as the reader.

She breaks the stipulation in the curse and strides to her window to look down on the great knight.

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Once the mirror cracks and the web flutters out the window, she and we know she is doomed. The inhabitants of Camelot are frightened and curious as they hear her last song and see her pale shape.

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Most critics approach the poem as expressing the tensions between art and life. It raises the question of whether or not artistic seclusion is necessary for achievement. In the beginning of the poem, despite her isolation, the Lady of Shalott experiences artistic fulfillment and accomplishment in her safe haven of Shalott.

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She works on her web and sings her song, blissful and happy. However, her art is doubly removed; it mimics the shadows glimpsed through a mirror and is far from direct observation of real life.

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This isolation finally prompts her to a gesture of passion and thus an embrace of her own death. The mirror cracks, symbolizing the end of her artistic abilities. Another critic, Flavia M. Does this poem seem sad? A mixture of all four?

It was always a field of men. Feminist critics believe that this poem is focusing on women's sexuality and its position in the Victorian world. Critics believe that the center of Mrs. Shalot is the temptation of sexual activity and the innocence of death. Christine Poulson discussed a feminist perspective and suggested that Mrs. Charlotte 's escape from her tower is contempt and a symbol of women's empowerment According to Poulson, escaping the tower makes it possible for Mrs.

Shalot to become emotionally free and to be associated with women 's sexuality.

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Tennyson 's explanation for Mrs. Shalot' s children grew well and hear fairy tales. Repunsel is a fairy tale about a girl cursed to live a lonely life in the tower. She is anxious to remove the isolation and become part of the outside world. She ended up finding true love after all and endangered her life with him. In this verse, Tennyson talks isolated. This ballad woman is also doomed to remain on the island she protected forever. If she only sees Camelot, she will die.

She finally saw her "Red Cross Knight" line Shalot escaped. Charotte and Industry Difficulty Sir Alfred Tenisson was one of the most famous poets in the middle of the Victorian Middle Age, and he expressed "anxiety and desire of his era naively in his era" Longman p. Victorian living trademarks include doubts, Bible, past, and self. Advances in society prove the superiority of human beings and do everything for themselves. Tennyson 's abstract poetic structure makes it difficult to understand a single theme.

Throughout his work, he interwoven the historical implications with profound and human emotions.

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The organic structure of some Tennyson poems shows an uncertain tone. Although his non-traditional work gave a more solid aura. Contrary to structure, mood and tone, "Ulysses" and "Mrs. Shalot" contain a potential theme of wanting to escape from the playing world. The faulty line just does not roll off the tongue like all of the other lines. This is a type of poem which tells a story within a poem, it is called a 'ballad.

One thing I would criticise about this poem is that Tennyson leaves his readers in a maddening suspense. The whole ballad is a mystery to its readers. We do not know why she is in the tower, how she is fed, what is the curse and many other questions which are not answered throughout the whole poem. This mystery adds a sense of adventure and surprise to the poem. We wait to hear more, but still we are left in the dark. I feel Tennyson should lighten his poem up and answer some unanswered questions. The suspense he has lent us only adds to the eerie atmosphere this poem already possesses.

The atmosphere in this poem is very different compared to modern day poems. It is mysterious and gloomy and makes me feel jumpy.

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No-one knows the Lady of Shalott, only local farmers have heard her sing: 'Hear a song that echoes clearly' The Death of the Lady increases the gloom lingering in the poem. It makes us feel depressed. The only light which enters the poem is in Part 3 of the poem where Sir Lancelot enters the scene. Sir Lancelot is a mythical knight alongside King Arthur and. Show More. Read More.