Good governance pakistan essay

One of the best ways to do this is to identify obvious areas of cost reduction and environmental improvement and where to make immediate savings through no-cost or low-cost measures. This core element in Total Quality Management system model addresses management commitment. Top management must not only give a lead to the rest of the organization but also ensure that the necessary decisions and actions are taken.

Only top management has the motivation and the power to effect changes. They should talk to as many employees as possible about their opinions relating to TQ implementation. Through this act top management will be able to assess their knowledge level and what bugs them about the initiatives they have seen in the past. Employees should be asked to give suggestions so that they would be more involved and supportive new programs.

ESSAYS BY CSPs | Crisis of Good Governance in Pakistan

TQM process covers the whole organization so all people will feel their ownership in this case. It is the way everybody walks, talks, thinks and acts in everyday life. The culture of quality organization supports and nourishes the improvement efforts of every group and individual in the organization. The cultural change of an agency to TQM requires the courage and commitment of leadership in order to implement a vision of values, ideas, goals and processes.

ESSAYS BY CSPs | Crisis of Good Governance in Pakistan

Total Quality Government encourages the manager who innovates and motivates the workers who are free to improve and make decisions. But changing the culture is a lot harder than changing the rules and regulations. In a quality organization, the vision, values and systems must be consistent with, and complementary to each other.

GOP policy makers should follow this decentralized approach. This style may reduce or eliminate employee frustration, increase sense of belonging and enhance morale and productivity of an entire organization. This is the main accreditation body in Pakistan responsible for accreditation of certification agencies, inspection agencies, system auditors and laboratories.

It was established in and became operational in Its annual budget in was around Rs. Out of this Rs. Its manpower is 37 persons. There must be a pool of national experts in key industrial and social sectors drawn from across the country on merit basis. The committee should provide top class expertise for creating a vision and guidance to all the government organizations.

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The members of the council should be selected purely on professional and leadership grounds. This conceptual orientation will guide both the strategic direction of the organization and shake the day to day decisions about what the departments do and how they do it.

There should be clear demarcation between these two aspects. The performance report should be accepted if the source of collecting and reporting is reliable. It should invariably be related to organizational goals and objectives. Traditional regulatory policy should be restructured into softer approaches for the purpose of promoting competitiveness and ensuring protection of environment and overall safety of the society.

This powerful tool of governance will help our government executives to break down isolatory layers and expedite the delivery of services. New management system can transform our government. It will not only make it more productive but also cut the cost of government. The quality organizations must learn to listen to the customers and help customers articulate their needs. Public sector department need to restructure their basic and routine functions to meet the customer need.

Central Superior Services (CSS) Examination, Pakistan: ESSAY ON GOOD GOVERNANCE

Federal and provincial Government should empower public agencies and institutions. The organizations should re-examine their programs and routines with a view to eliminating duplication of efforts and giving up obsolete ways of doing business. Favorable environment should be created for public and private sector companies for their growth and expansion in the world market. Support Entrepreneurial Activity. The GOP should make an endeavor to be in-step with global developments in the realm of business and public policy. Support positive initiatives required for industries and firms to continuously adapt and adjust their organizations and structures.

National integration 3. Institutional supremacy 4. Independent judiciary 5. Constitutional supremacy 6.

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Rule of law 7. Political stability 8. Educational opportunities 9. Socio-economic development Equal distribution of resources Welfare state with provision of social securities Strong writ of the government on all fronts Situation of governance in Pakistan 1. Forces of disintegration — stronger than forces of cohesion 2. Weak writ of the government 3.

Absence of independent judiciary 4. No rule of law 5. Political instability 6. Interprovincial conflicts 7. Unequal distribution of resources 8. Two such organizations are the United Nations and the World Bank. Over time the domination of civil services and military in the affairs of the state disrupted the evolution of the democratic political process and further weakened the legislative organ of the state.

Following independence, the requirements of good governance expanded in scope and demand while the level of expectations from the public and their elected representatives was also heightened.


But these institutions failed to adapt themselves to the new challenges of development and social changes and respond to the heightened expectations. The stigmas of malpractice, bribery, corruption and law-breaking for personal gains started to become a norm for politicians, military rulers and government officials. The present situation of Pakistan is not very encouraging as it is coping with numerous external as well as internal challenges.

These issues, directly or indirectly, are affecting the cause of good governance in Pakistan. This state of affairs has adversely affected all spheres of life and almost all sectors of the country be it education, health, industry or agriculture. Since last many years, the governance has been the focus of the media.

The reason, therefore, is that it witnessed the most rapid slide therein during this period. The creation of the National Accountability Bureau, Federal Investigation Agency, Competition Commission of Pakistan and various Ombudsmen Mohtasibs is a clear manifestation of how the integrity gap had expanded.

None of these institutions delivered in terms of ensuring good governance. No doubt, the decisions made at the appropriate time and effectively enforced can only make the governance good. Red-tapism, bureaucratic mindset and delay in processes lead to inefficiency, as has happened in Pakistan. The absence of good governance has led the country to the monster of corruption.