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The importance of being authentic in academe (essay)

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On This Page. Copy to Clipboard. Response to email feedback from a reader Published in Educational Leadership. Looks like you do not have access to this content. Click here for free trial login. What kind of place of work do I want to live into? Tippett: Right, because if these questions and longings are allowed, then what is present is very complicated.

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Tippett: After a short break, more with Jerry Colonna. You can find this show again at onbeing. Today with the legendary leadership coach Jerry Colonna on our lives at work as ways to become better humans. But then we bring that into an organizational life. Colonna : To give some context to that, I grew up with a mother who was mentally ill — it was bipolar disorder, schizoid-affective disorder.

And that was sort of a root cause of the chaotic feelings that we grew up with. And the result was that I would just bail. I would just avoid it. I would just stay away from it. But that took a long time, to be able to understand that.

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Tippett: So I can imagine somebody listening to this who still has at least one foot, or two, in the mythical world of how it used to work, where there was hierarchy and there were rules. Colonna : And I am not suggesting that, in any way. Let me draw out the process a little bit.

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  4. In the book, I talk about the fact that three basic motivations, I believe, drive so much of our behavior: the wishes for love, safety, and belonging. Is it love, safety, belonging, or all of the above? When we can start to see our colleagues that way, all of a sudden the things that actually impede our productivity or impede our collaboration become not obstacles, but the means to connect and actually build something even greater than what we had before.

    Tippett: And probably still has its messy moments, right? I defy you to paint a masterpiece without getting paint on the floor or in your hair.

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    It was more that there was the work, and then I wanted to protect the work and allow it to flourish. What do my reactions say about me? Why do I do what I do?

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    Why do they do what they do? What need for love, safety, or belonging might they be trying to meet with their irrational behavior? Even the people who press our buttons are actually helpful for us, helpful to us in our process. Today with the leadership coach Jerry Colonna. Tippett: Or life changes.

    So how do we make sense of that and navigate that consonantly with this way we want to honor each other? Colonna : I think your observation that it is a workplace is incredibly important. Oh, my God, this is crazy. Colonna : And that can get really messed-up. Stay away. Colonna : And so the middle way is to recognize that none of us leaves our personal stuff at the door, that we are always seeking to replicate structures from our childhood, and, by reinforcing that we have a shared sense of purpose, a shared sense of mission, and a shared commitment to work, we can use that as a kind of exoskeleton structure so that, internally, we can each do our work but not expect the organization to solve the wounds of our childhood.

    When we use our work environments to try to heal our wounds, we are actually opening ourselves up to even more pain and suffering. Now I understand that if you are in — you get irritable every time I send you an email, well, I understand that I need to understand how to operate with you, and you need to understand how to operate with me, and we each need to understand how we operate, ourselves.

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    Tippett: So you do — well, you have a million practical tools. I find that really helpful. So just describe this — the OFNR approach. Colonna: Sure, sure. So O stands for observation; F stands for feeling; N stands for need; and R stands for a request. It kind of works like this: You and I have a scheduled meeting on Monday morning, and you show up ten minutes late.

    That is an observable fact. You showed up ten minutes late to the meeting.

    That fact triggers a whole set of feelings in me. She never values the meeting. So going back to the structure: Make an observation about value-neutral fact, something that is undeniable.


    Colonna : It is a fact. And you get agreement from there. Just get agreement from there. Then, at the next level, you talk about how it made you feel. You then pause. And you let that person take in the fact that their action triggered a set of feelings. Then we move on through the hierarchy into needs. And we, all of us, are too quick to substitute interpretation for observation.

    So you change the policy, and all of a sudden, for me, it meant one thing; for my colleague — and all of a sudden, it goes on. We conflate the two. Tippett: No. And so we see a kind of callowness, a kind of inhumanity, constantly perpetuated. Proofread your essay before showing it to other people.

    Often reading your work aloud will help you to catch errors or hear passages that don't make sense yet. Revise as necessary. Cat Reynolds has written professionally since She has worked in academe teaching and administration , real estate and has owned a private tutoring business. Her work can be found in literary publications and on various blogs.